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Solar News from NC: Proposed Utility Rebate Generates Excitement

Recently, I caught up with Hannah Wiegard, Director of Marketing and Communications at Renu Energy Solutions, to understand how the latest proposed North Carolina utility rebate is expected to benefit homeowners and help expand solar in the region


If you haven’t heard much about Solar in the Carolinas, they are in fact a fabulous environment for going solar. North Carolina is home to the 2nd-most installed solar among states, a majority of that made up of commercial and utility scale projects. However, from time to time, new programs and incentives come along that broaden access to solar among homeowners, and residents of the Tar Heel state are eager to jump at these opportunities for solar ownership and take advantage of local programs.

Adopted this year (2018), there’s been a solar energy rebate proposed from the local utility that would result major savings for North Carolina based customers of Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress. The proposed plan is modeled as a rebate of 60 cents per installed Watt (AC) for the first 10 kiloWatts, and is pending approval by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. This program – though not yet open – is already generating renewed excitement among potential takers, and with a limited run of 5 years and annual participation limits, the race will soon be on to act before first-year funds are used up!

Hannah and her team are focused educating home owners of these type of programs and communicating what the rebate could mean for them. While we wait patiently on state regulators to approve this program, spreading the word of what is in the works for North Carolina is paramount. Once the final decision is made, it will be made much clearer how and in what time frame rebate participants will receive their payouts. “One thing is for sure though, when married with a loan product like the Dividend EmpowerLoan, the path to solar ownership and monthly savings through this proposed rebate is even more attractive,” explained Hannah.

Renu Energy Solutions strives to help homeowners achieve their renewable energy goals with advantageous economics, durable systems, and a robust discussion of customer expectations. This aligns directly with their moto and approach – ’smart. reliable. solar.’

At Dividend, we anticipate this rebate program, particularly combined with the Dividend EmpowerLoan, will encourage the residents of North Carolina to see that solar ownership is well within their reach.

Renu Energy Solutions, Dividend Finance and many more solar installers that service North Carolina will continue to keep a pulse on the situation, however if you would like to get involved here are a few links to learn more.

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