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Who we are

A leading national provider of technology enabled financing solutions for renewable energy, energy-efficient upgrades, and general home improvement.

What we do

We give our customers the opportunity to obtain financing through a comprehensive suite of financing options with a seamless easy process. Dividend continues to expand its products into new verticals in clean energy and home improvement.

Our mission: To empower our planet, people, and partners with innovative, technology-driven financial solutions.



An attitude which defines our culture. We possess courage, resolve, perseverance, and dedication. We push ahead in the darkest of times and are inspired to continue the pursuit of our mission and vision.


A fundamental part of our organization. It establishes an environment of trust. We promote diversity and embrace it in all aspects, by being open-minded and empathetic.


We bring our best selves, always, We are obsessed with the highest quality experience and products for our customers, partners and colleagues. We deliver real value to those we touch.


We align interests across diverse stakeholders to achieve win-win wins, fostering an environment of harmony. We throw out the antiquated construct of zero-thinking and embrace an abundance mentality.


Truth fuels our personal and organizational growth. Truth-seeking is when we search for a deeper understanding of reality to serve as our guide to action. Truth speaking we use to empower those around us with information rooted in condor and fact.

Leadership Team

Eric White

President & CEO

Mike Churchill

Chief Financial Officer

Niall Murphy

Chief Technology Officer

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