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Dividend Expands to D.C. and Idaho

At Dividend Finance, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the serviceable territory of our flagship solar loan offering, our EmpowerLoan. As of March 1, 2018, homeowners in Washington D.C. and Idaho will have the opportunity to go solar and own their system through Dividend and its Partners

. That brings our grand total of active states to 28! As we continue to grow and expand, it’s imperative that we bring more solar and home energy financing options to homeowners from all over the United States. Expanding our product offerings in Washington D.C. and Idaho will not only give homeowners in these states more options when it comes to their solar financing needs, but it will also contribute to helping our environment and transitioning towards cleaner and greener communities.

We’re in Washington D.C.

Seems more and more people are going solar in D.C.! This may be due to Washington D.C.’s extensive statewide solar incentives, such as the well-priced Solar Renewable Energy Credits and local Net Metering policies. Washington D.C.’s residents can sell the Solar Renewable Energy Credits that their solar panels produce from up to $500 per megawatts per hour! Net Metering policies in D.C. allow homeowners to be credited for extra energy fed back to the power grid. If designed optimally, a homeowner can potentially offset 100% of their current electricity use while also having some left over to sell to the grid.

Welcome, The Gem State

Dividend is excited to now be serving Idaho! There are so many reasons to go solar in Idaho including reducing your carbon footprint, dependence from traditional sources of utility power, and much more. From Boise to Idaho Falls seems more and more people in Idaho are joining the rooftop revolution and gaining independence from the grid.

In addition, homeowners in Washington D.C. and Idaho will be able to take full advantage of the federal renewable energy tax incentive equal to 26% of their systems cost. Meaning that you’ll be able to deduct 26% of your solar system cost from what you owe Uncle Sam at the end of the year. Learn More about the federal renewable energy tax incentive.

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