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SepiSolar – Design, Engineering & Consulting Services to Streamline Your Solar Business

Recently at a networking event, I had the opportunity to meet Josh Weiner, CEO of SepiSolar. As he and I started talking about the services his team offers solar companies nationwide, it immediately dawned on me that a company like SepiSolar, offering a number of design, engineering and consulting services, could be an invaluable tool for many of Dividend’s Partners, helping remove bottlenecks that may occur in their daily processes


What exactly does SepiSolar do?

Since 2008, Josh and his Fremont, CA based team of “brilliant people” (mostly engineers), have created a simple process for giving solar companies access to a community of designers specializing in Project Engineering and Technical Consulting.

Their service is based on 3 core beliefs:

1. Industries need smart energy capabilities to navigate the complex landscape of utility policy, project economics, technologies, codes and use-case application to reach their sustainability goals.

2. The best designers: (a) Understand requirements, not just drawings (b) Solve technical challenges with 1st principles & creativity

3. Project Engineering and Technical Consulting go hand-in-hand, with each informing the other in order to achieve a win-win.

Speaking with Prasad Gullapalli, Founder and CEO of Srinergy, a Dividend Partner and Customer of SepiSolar, he shared his experience of working with the Josh’s team. “We’ve been using SepiSolar for site design and layout for just about 2 years now. Their cookie cutter process and very reliable team make it easy for us in structuring the cost of our projects. Best of all, the cost per project is quite reasonable!”

SepiSolar has built their service offering to assist Partners at nearly every stage of the project (having left the financing to Dividend.) SepiSolar is built to service all types of customers, from residential solar installers to architects and developers. On top of standard service offerings of Project Engineering and Technical Consulting, SepiSolar also provides Solar specific Salesforce consulting, and is a Registered NABCEP Trainer, offering 18 Continued Educational Units (CEUs) for their training course aptly named SepiAcadamy.

For a full list of the services offered, download the SepiSolar Services Brochure. To learn more about SepiSolar, head over to their Get Started page, or join us this Thursday, September 13th at 10:00am PST, as Dividend will be hosting an exclusive Partner webinar about their services. Visit the Announcements page in the EmpowerPortal for more details.