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Home improvement trends to watch for in 2020

Your home is your biggest investment and can be at times, a seemingly never-ending project.With the new year in full swing comes new home improvement trends starting to emerge. More than a third of Americans are planning on doing some sort of home improvement project this year

! If you’re part of that group, you’ll want to ensure that your improvements are on trend to get the most of your investment.

So, what are home improvement trends to watch for and consider in 2020?

Wellness is on the rise

The wellness generation is taking root. They’re into diet, exercise and anything else health related. That also means taking their vitamins and wellness as a design. The emerging wellness trend puts less emphasis on luxury and more on lasting functional improvement.

Wellness as a design focuses on things like using non-toxic materials, enhancing everyday hygiene with touchless faucets, purification systems, and even circadian lighting to improve sleep.

Efficiency equals quality

Energy efficiency is about more than just switching out the lightbulbs and saving some monthly change. The newest home improvement trend involves making homes as efficient as possible. This includes installing energy efficient appliances like Energy Star and Water Sense, but it doesn’t stop there. With the emphasis on going green and self-sustainability, more homes than ever are moving to solar energy.

Color makes a splash

Many are forecasting a bright future ahead in more than one shade. As the pragmatic generation takes hold, they seem to be opting for smaller projects that make bigger impressions. This includes things like adding color where white was once the in thing.

Kitchen cabinets are getting color along with the backsplash. People want nice clean lines and they are using color to draw the eye. Accent walls are going to be popular again along with using paint to clean things up.

Easy = convenience

No, we don’t mean easy projects, although that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. We’re referring to convenience.

In an age where everything is at your fingertips with the click of a button, people want their home improvement supplies the same way. They aren’t inclined to spend their time in crowded store aisles vying for an associate’s attention. People are using the internet to research and plan their projects beforehand, ordering everything they can in a few short clicks.

Quality value brands growing

Luxury remodeling is likely to slow but not because consumers no longer want luxury items. Today’s homeowners just have a new set of priorities which doesn’t include spending their retirement on a kitchen remodel.

Consumer-facing information shows that homeowners are concentrating on features like soft shut cabinets and drawers with more organized spaces. Adding custom features to generic products allows people to have all the features they want without paying for custom products.

Home improvements pay dividends

Each year brings new style and improvement trends. Staying abreast of these changes is the best way for homeowners to reap the rewards of their hard work. Not only does it ensure they stay on trend while getting the biggest return on investment, but it also lets them know when to purchase materials for the best price.

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