Our Commitment to
Diversity and Inclusion

A top priority

At Dividend, we’ve made Diversity and Inclusion a top priority by forming our own Committee with goals and initiatives put in place to empower and support our employees. As a committee we seek to encourage the Dividend Team to find their voice and create a culture where every employee feels open to share, contribute, and succeed, in a safe and nurturing environment.

What we believe

Diversity and inclusion is critical to the success of Dividend. We aspire to continuously foster a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, as we believe a diverse and inclusive environment is an environment that people want to be a part of and stay a part of. We also believe that diversity and inclusion is a critical contributor to better decision making, innovation and outcomes for our business and all its stakeholders.

Our approach

We understand that diversity comes in many forms and are constantly striving to create an environment where everyone can thrive. Diversity of thought is what drives our innovation, direction, and creativity. We can’t just have one point of view – we need diversity of thought to excel our business forward. Our goal is to explore our differences and enable the Dividend Team to bring their whole self to work. By feeling empowered to be ourselves, we put forth our best work for Dividend, our customers, and our partners, contribute to the growth of our company, and leave behind an indelible legacy.

Meet the Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Dave S. General Counsel

Throughout Dave’s professional career, he’s had the good fortune to serve on different diversity councils and has found those experiences to be some of the most rewarding in his career. He’s looking forward to having an impact on our company and our culture and is a firm believer that diversity of background and thought can only make a business better.


Kerry B. SVP, People Operations

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Kerry and her family immigrated to the US in 2008. Her character has been shaped by many trials and tribulations, it’s what has defined her as a human being, a mother, a spouse and a co-worker. Kerry joins the D&I committee providing valuable guidance on labor requirements, compliance and people management.


Purni S.Director, Product Management

From school to college to joining the workforce Purni has faced double standards and realized that equality does not equal equity. She checks many checkboxes and has learned to take pride in it and find strength in diversity. Purni’s goal is to empower those around her to use their voice and impart positive change. She is passionate about D&I and is excited to put in the work to make a positive contribution to our culture through the D&I Committee.


Eric W. Chief Executive Officer

Eric is fueled by a passion developing innovative financial solutions to serve underserved markets and to address complex problems in our communities and across the world. He is hyper-obsessed with seeking and speaking truth through constructive study and direct dialogue on complex issues, including those such as Diversity and Inclusion.


Ben M.Director of Sales Operations

Ben’s experience has shown him that the best outcomes come to fruition, when people with different backgrounds, skills, and viewpoints, are united and driven by a common goal. Ben’s belief is that to achieve diversity, “you have to start with cherishing and embracing the individual, without focusing on the category you believe they belong to.” He is a strong advocate for having a diversity of thought within any organization, ”having a diversity of thought, achieved by diversity, isn’t something you do on the way to success. Instead, when embodied by an organization, diversity of thought is a driver of success.”


Katie G. Marketing Manager

Katie has a strong passion for equality and a belief that people are the most successful when they feel respected. Since becoming a mother, her perspective has shifted immensely toward contributing to D&I education and change for the benefit of our future generations to come. She is excited to use her marketing expertise to help support the goals of the D&I committee working on new initiatives.


Alisha C.Partner Operations Manager

When I received my NABCEP Professional PV Installer certification in 2017, I was one of just a handful of women in Texas listed with that credential. I have been dedicated to expanding access to the solar industry ever since. As a blue-eyed blonde woman, I acknowledge that I can walk the world in a different way than my black husband and two children. I am dedicated to my son and daughter experiencing a world without boundaries - where the rich tapestry of difference thrills and delights rather than strikes fear - where we can all choose our own adventure in life and follow our passions with no tethers. Each conversation for change creates that future, and I am honored to raise my voice and join the chorus.


Tamiko L. Compliance Operations Manager

As a woman of color, Tamiko has been diversifying neighborhoods, schools, dance squads, and businesses most of her life. Tamiko’s life experiences are what have made her passionate about giving a voice to people with various disabilities. She understands that there are many factors to achieving true equity and feelings of inclusion. Her goal is to represent those, like herself, who have many layers of differences and say, “Friend, I hear you, I see you, and I am with you.”


Olga D.

Whether as a woman in a corporate environment, or a minority in a different country, Olga has experienced that a feeling of safety and a sense of belonging isn’t guaranteed. Seeing inclusion as a choice, she is dedicated and passionate about creating a workplace where every employee feels seen, heard, valued and safe.

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