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Top 8 Home Improvement Projects for the Spring

Every year, as those first heroic bits of green begin to break through the ground, people start thinking about all the projects they need to do around the house. Luckily, spring is the perfect occasion to tackle the home improvement projects you’ve been sitting on all winter. To help you get started, find some inspiration with these ideas.

Install that new roof you’ve been wanting

Don’t wait until your roof springs a leak to start thinking about maintenance and possible replacement. According to Bob Vila, it’s recommended to replace your roof every 20-25 years. Other signs that you may need a replacement include:

  • Drooping or sagging.
  • Water spots on your ceiling.
  • Moss or other plants growing on your roof.

However, you don’t have to wait until you have an issue. Updating your roof to one of better quality and efficiency can greatly increase curb appeal, help reduce cooling needs by 10-15% and increase the overall resale value of your home.

Fix the gutter problem

Just like your roof, the gutters that surround it will have spent the winter becoming clogged with debris. Removing that wreckage will reveal any damage to inside and outside walls as well as the roofing. If you find yourself with problems bigger than a quick gutter clean-out, spring is the time to replace your gutters to both protect your house’s structural integrity and save you time. Look into effective alternatives such as rain chains, rain dispersals, various forms of grading or even elaborate drip paths. Experiment with what’s right for your home!

Re-caulk, repair and replace points of entry

Re-caulking your windows can alleviate as much as one-third of the on-going energy loss your home suffers. Even better than re-caulking, however, you can replace some of your older doors and windows with better alternatives.

There are some significant benefits to this kind of home improvement project:

  • Energy efficiency for easier heating and cooling inside your home.
  • Reduced sunlight damage and eliminated drafts.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces.
  • A general increase in the value and aesthetics of your home.

Plant strategic trees and shrubs

Trees not only add to the beauty of your home, but they can also be a part of its heating and cooling resources. Spring is a perfect time to determine whether some new greenery can increase the energy efficiency of your home. With the right landscaping arrangement, you can enjoy shaded areas (and fewer cooling costs) at all times of the day.

Also, it’s a terrific time to clean up your lawn and repair any winter damage. Leaves, branches and other waste will be strewn about, while winter plowing may have damaged lawn sections that you need to re-seed or re-sod.

Upgrade your cooling system

We don’t often see the refrigeration coils on the appliances that use them, so it’s rather easy to forget that they should be cleaned annually to maintain peak efficiency. This is also a chance to consider whether you need to upgrade your cooling system overall. If your appliances are older, replace or improve as many of them as possible to save on energy and maintenance costs in the long run. Projects of this scale are eligible for financial assistance to make the undertaking easier on the wallet.

Go solar and save this spring

Look at your utility costs over the past winter and determine whether installing solar might be good in your location. You’ll need to consider your geography and consult with experts, but this could be one home improvement project that, while potentially initially expensive, can really add to your bottom line in the long-term. It may even offer tax benefits or credits.

Paint with purpose

Painting is not only a way to beautify your home but it’s also a great way to maintain it. If you have exposed wood on the exterior of your home, the paint will protect that wood from damage, as well as from insect infestation. As always, make sure to check out the kinds of paints available today and which will be most appropriate for your project. Different surfaces and rooms require different paints, and there are even eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic paints available today.

Revamp your deck

Upgrading your deck is a major project, which may require financial help, but it adds to the value, utility and beauty of your home, offering gains in more ways than one. Decks add space and, if properly built and maintained, will be a long-term addition to your home.

In the end… home improvement financing can help

Undertaking spring projects will get you and your house back in shape after winter hibernation. Make the most of the season by prioritizing projects that will save you money, time and energy in the long run. For some of your larger projects that may strain your resources, Dividend Finance can help. Talk to your contractor today about using Dividend to finance your energy-efficient home improvements.