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Residential Solar Loans: The Benefits

Whether you go solar with a loan, a lease, a PPA or an up-front cash purchase, you will likely reduce your utility bill. However, the financial benefits of owning your system – either through a Dividend Finance solar specific loan or a cash purchase – highlight the clear advantages of ownership


The federal government currently provides a tax credit equal to 26% of the system cost for Homeowners who buy and own their system. For example, on an average $30,000 system, the government offers a $9,000 tax credit which can be carried forward if you do not use it all in the first year. In addition, many states and local governments also provide tax credits to encourage homeowners to go solar. * In a loan, these tax incentives belong to the Homeowners who purchase their system, but in a lease, third-party finance companies are the direct beneficiaries of the credits because they are the ultimate owners of the systems.

In addition to loans being financially more attractive, Dividend’s solar specific loans offers a full suite of benefits. Every system financed with Dividend is protected with a workmanship warranty. Plus, you have the option to extend your protection with a cost-effective 20 year third party extended service plan (that can be financed) giving you peace of mind that your system will be producing the expected power in the years to come.

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine your tax credit eligibility. Dividend Finance does not offer tax advice.