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Growing the Solar Business through a Key Partnership and Local Expertise

Nothing beats hearing about and sharing our partners’ success. Dividend partner, Isaksen Solar, is working in lockstep with our Account Director, Ben Daly, and together they have quite a story to tell!

Taking a fresh and candid look at the solar business and customer service, Isaksen Solar has been on a growth path we can all take inspiration from.

The Backstory

Isaksen Solar founders come from a large corporate environment of solar installation. They certainly have in-depth knowledge of solar system elements from start to finish, including design, engineering, build, guarantee and maintenance. They also have keen insight on process and customer experience improvements that required a departure from the big business setting to bring to life.

Efficiency improvements are key. As a local, agile business, Isaksen Solar achieves efficiencies in every direction – from utility agency interactions to design reviews to project financing. The first two are managed in-house, and project financing efficiencies are supported through partnership with Dividend Finance.

Isaksen Solar founders Brad Camiel and Ryan Rego

To learn more about Isaksen’s journey and how Dividend’s partnership brings financing convenience straight to their customers, download the case study below.

Download Case Study