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Dividend Taking the Extra Step on Election Day

As Election Day approaches, a variety of companies are actively encouraging their employees to take the time to vote.

Dividend Finance is encouraging all of their employees to vote and volunteer on Election Day at the polls, if able. At Dividend Finance, we believe that not only do our employees votes count, but every vote counts.

To help ensure that every vote counts, Dividend is taking an extra step by proposing the Power the Polls initiative to its employees. Power to the Polls is an initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair, efficient election for all. Due to COVID-19, Dividend is taking this extra step to encourage healthy, low-risk employees to ensure that those who are susceptible to coronavirus are given the space to take care of their health, while keeping polling sites open and available for in-person voting.

Dividend is affording all of their employees the opportunity to participate in Power the Polls initiative on Election Day through compensation for their time and efforts as if they worked a normal workday. Dividend has made every office in each state aware of how to participate in the initiative, and the necessary action to take in helping their specific community. Dividend is excited to announce this initiative and support our employee’s participation in voting and on Election Day.

A Dividend Team member, Steven, volunteering at the polls on Election Day