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Compliance & ethics, It’s important to us.

As we continue to grow and diversify our business and product offering, it is imperative that our values, shared culture of strong ethics, and our pursuit of excellence guide us every day as we work.
Integrity, fair business practices and technology innovation continue to be a big part of our footprint. It is our responsibility to ensure that we continue to do business with the same high ethical standards within the general principals of our code of conduct.
Dave S. | Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Our values

Our values guide us to act with integrity and respect for others and to be exemplary in demonstrating a strong ethical and compliance culture.

At Dividend, it is important for our team to question their own behavior and ask if their decisions are appropriate. We are committed to the “Five C’s” which entail the following: Character, Candor, Commitment, Courage, and Communication.  

Code of conduct

"Five C's"


Commitment is being responsible to our customers, employees and partners while staying true to our goals, values, and objectives, in the face of hardship. At Dividend, we do not deviate from our chosen path, even when there is an easier way.


At Dividend, it’s about integrity-being consistent in the application of policy, being fair, honest, and objectives by doing the right thing for our homeowners, partners, and employees, even when it is difficult or uncomfortable. It means putting one’s interest and the success of others ahead of oneself.


Providing an environment of transparency so there are no filters and information is communicated directly while being sincere in speech and expression that is free from bias. At Dividend, this means addressing the issues immediately and not pushing them aside as something that can be resolved at a later time.


Open communication without filtering from the bottom up to accelerate change. At Dividend, this means management communicates in a concise and clear manner to its employees and partners to ensure alignment across the enterprise.


Courage – the confidence to do the right thing without fear of backlash. At Dividend, it means providing constructive feedback, being honest and open, speaking up for others and following through on commitments.

Report a concern

Dividend has established an avenue for individuals, Partners, vendors and/or third-parties to raise matters of concern regarding the conduct of Company officials, or ethical, legal or other issues related to the way the Company is conducting its business or in the matter of how its Partners are operating. Dividend takes all reports seriously and handles each situation on a case-by-case basis. The Company will determine whether misconduct has occurred and will take the action it decides is appropriate.